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Q. How can I place an order?

A. You can request for a quotation by email/phone. At the time of requesting a quote, please mention the model no, capacity, quantities etc.

Q. What payment options do you accept?

A. We accept advance T/T or Letter of credit

Q. How long will you take to ship out the order?

A. It depends on the quantity, type of product etc. Normally we ship within 30 days.

Q. Do you have minimum order sizes?

A. For easy and safe shipment, we do have min. order quantities. You will find the min. order quantities stated against each design/product.

Q. How do you pack your products?

A. We pack your products in sea worthy carton boxes. We use separators wherever possible in order to ensure you get the bottles safely.

Q. Do you palletize the goods?

A. Normally, we do not palletize the cargo. But if customer requests it can be done. Please mention your Palletization requirements at the time of confirming your order.

Q. Do you offer custom designs/bespoke development?

A. We do undertake custom design products subject to development fee, min. order quantities etc.

Q. What type of customization can you do?

A. Logo embossing

     Logo printing

     Custom colors

     Custom finishes

Q. Are your food grade coating compliant with international norms?

A. Yes, our coating systems confirm to US FDA and EU regulations for food safety. We also offer BPA free coating systems.

Q. Are your product recyclable?

A. Our products are designed for sustainable packaging. It’s mean to re-use/re-cycle & protect our environment.