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Aluminium containers have been in use for a long time now in the packaging industry. They are widely used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide, food and beverage, perfumes and other industries.

Sipper Bottles

We manufacture a wide range of sipper bottles which are durable and made of high quality aluminium alloy. The sipper bottles are available in various sizes, shapes and colours.

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Aluminium Sipper Bottles
Aluminum Bottles with Screw Plugs

Aluminum Bottles
with Screw Plugs

We offer a range of aluminium bottles which come with screw plugs. These screw plugs are aluminium tear off seals. The seal offers a tamper proof closure and the plugs make it absolutely leak free.

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Aluminum Bottles with
Plastic Caps

We meet the needs of special applications by providing aluminium bottles with plastic caps. They are mainly used to store pharmaceutical products, nutrients, canned beverages and veterinary products.

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Aluminum Bottles with Plastic Caps
Screw Neck Aluminium Bottles

Screw Neck
Aluminium Bottles

We offer aluminium spray bottles and metal spray bottles with screw necks which are suited for a variety of applications. Screw neck aluminium bottles are mostly used in the cosmetic industry.

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Bullet Aluminium

The bullet aluminium bottles have an attractive bullet shape that is available in matte and brushed finish. It is equipped with squeak free caps/lids and has a wide mouth design.

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Bullet Aluminium Bottles
Aluminum Canister


One of the most innovative packaging solutions is the aluminium canister. These canisters are available with multiple screw lid options like push type lid and plastic lid.

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The aluminium jars/tins we offer are one of the most versatile products because it can be used to store varied items. It is easy to handle, aesthetically appealing and made with diverse dimensions.

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Aluminium Jars